jesus announces his messiahship

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Between the lines
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Jesus at picnicThe Messiah Campaign was first a family thing. The first announcement was low key and went over everyone’s head. Jesus was attending a family reunion at a state park where the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan meet. They had just finished a bbq-fish fry and everyone was full. As folks were wandering around the dessert table Andrew played a few tunes on his guitar. Those in attendance included

  • Mary and Joseph – mother and father
  • James, Joses, Jude, Simon, and sisters – siblings
  • Elizabeth and Zechariah – aunt and uncle
  • John (The Baptizer) – cousin
  • Mary and Cleopas – aunt and uncle
  • James and John – cousins
  • Salomi and Jonas – relatives/business partners if Cleopas
  • Peter and Andrew – distant cousins
  • Others

Jesus (stands on a picnic table, gets everyone’s attention): Hey, everyone! I’m glad we could all get together to celebrate our family. Hope you like the “Descended from David” T-shirts. I have a special announcement to make.

John Cleopas (nudging John Zechariah): Is it about John’s camel hair outfit?

Jesus (smiling): No, This is something that’ll impact your lives in deeper ways than you can imagine.

Mary and the rest of the parents grow quiet. Mary and Elizabeth exchange glances.

Peter (quieting everyone down): So, Jesus, what’s the news?

Jesus: Well, here goes: I AM THE MESSIAH, the one promised in the Scriptures. I am The Son of David, Son of Man, Son of God — The Savior and Redeemer of Israel.

Dead silence, birds chirping in the trees, water lapping at the shore, folks looking away, clearing their throats.

James (brother): Jesus, come down off the table. Let’s talk. I know a counselor in Capernaum. Andrew! Give us another song.

Jesus: No, James. This is the real deal. It’s time for John to “gird up his loins” and go preach on the banks of the Jordan and start calling folks to repent and be baptized and prepare for my reign as messiah. John and Andrew, I’d like you to join John on the Jordan and give him a hand. I’ll keep the older brothers, Peter and James with me and we’ll begin to prepare for my kingdom.


John Zechariah: Okay, I guess I knew this was coming. After all, look at our births and the prophecies and stuff. It’ll be good to have Andrew and John with me.

Peter:  Hmm. I guess that makes sense. I’ve always thought you were a bit different. I’m with you. I think James is, too.

Jesus: I’m wrapping up a few things, but I’ll be rounding up followers for my kingdom from here on out.  I wanted you to be the first to know. The next three or four years are going to be tough. But in the end, you’ll understand.

Jesus steps down and goes to talk with his parents. His brothers and sisters stand staring at him disbelief. They stand around James their older brother.

James: He’s flipped. I love him, but he’s lost it.

Jude: How can he be the messiah? He’s our big brother.

They walk over to the grilling area mumbling.

Peter (to James, John, and Andrew): Well, this is it! Look out Rome! Look out Herod! Jesus is starting an army and we’re in at the beginning. Viva la revolution!

Jesus: Hang on Peter, you’re jumping the gun. You haven’t learned my strategy yet.

Peter: Don’t worry, I’m with you. We’re all with you. You’ll see.

Jesus (to himself, smiling): They don’t have a clue — but it won’t make any difference.

Tr8: Commit your all to the cause. You may find the messiah and the kingdom are not what you think.

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