Posted: August 30, 2013 in Between the lines, Truth and Grace
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Salt shakerJesus is outlining how he wants his disciples to work.

Jesus: Guys, I want you to be like salt and light.

Peter: Right. You want us to preach like Johnny B.

Jesus: Well, sort of. Think about salt for a second.

John: We’re with you. Salt.

Jesus: How much salt do you put on your eggs, James?

James: A sprinkle. I prefer a bit more pepper. Want us to be pepper, too?

Jesus: Umm. Let’s stick with salt.

Judas: Salt burns on cuts.

Jesus (looking askance): Yes, hold that thought about burning, but the point I’m making, is, salt is seasoning. It’s not the main thing. It’s the thing that makes the main thing better.

Andrew: You’re talking about moderation, right? Be gentle, like you.

Jesus: Bingo. I want you to make everyone’s lives better. I want you to love, spread grace, forgive, heal — just be there to help.

Matthew: Doesn’t take a lot of salt to ruin food.

Jesus: Good point, Matt. Don’t go overboard with this. SEASON lives, don’t make them taste like the Dead Sea.

Bart: Yuck! The Dead Sea tastes really nasty.

Thomas: I don’t like salt in water at all.

Judas: Or iced tea. Can we be sugar?

Jesus (shaking his head): This is an analogy or metaphor. I want you to be in the world loving people, but don’t be obnoxious. Salt preserves and you guys will preserve my kingdom by acting like me.

Peter: What about light? You want us to be salt and light.

Jesus: Light’s a good analogy, too.  How much light brightens darkness?

The other James: Just a little bit — a few stars can light the night. A lighter or match can reveal a whole room.

Bart: Yeah, it’s like salt. A little bit goes a long way. A lot burns you up.

Jesus: Yep. I want you to reveal my love and grace, but don’t burn up others with my truth.

Peter: What I hear you saying is that we can go overboard by being too pushy or confrontational.

Jesus: If you major on truth and skimp on grace, you’ll burn folks for sure. In the future there will be schools just like here where the people will sit around eating salt and burning stuff up in God’s name — like the pharisees. Sure, they’ll mean well and some will be really good people, like Gamaliel, Joe or Nick. But as a general rule, it’s better to live love and grace rather than study it.

John: So, we’re to be subtle?

Jesus: Be like me. Truly, you’re going to freak out when I die and come back. You’ll be out preaching and teaching like crazy. That’ll be fine, but remember to be humble and serve. The first shall be last.

Tr8: Be salt and light. Make the lives of those around you better and brighter curtesy of Jesus.

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