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negotiatorJesus, Andrew, John and Murphy (the non-disciple) are at the Chicken Shack in Bethsaida. The other disciples followed Judas into Los Hermanos across the street because he had the moneybag.

Murphy: Jesus, are you a white meat or dark meat kind of guy?

Jesus: White, mostly. I liked drumsticks when I was a kid. Not so much now.

John: Yeah, I was like that, too. I guess all kids are. Our parents were playin’ us for the good stuff.

Andrew: I still like drumsticks, but I’m gettin’ strips and fries this time.

John: Me, too.

Murphy: Sounds good.

Jesus (to Maggie, the cashier): We’ll have four of the chicken strip combos.

Maggie: To drink?

Jesus: Three Dr. Peppers and a Sprite Zero.

Andrew: Who’s getting the Sprite?

Jesus: You. That’s what you wanted, right?

Andrew (shrugging): Well, yeah…that’s what I was thinkin’.

Jesus smiles.

Murphy: Jesus, I’ve been having some trouble at home with Dirk, my sixteen-year-old. If you’ll separate him from the circle of friends he’s with I’ll give you anything or do anything. Is there some sin I need to clean up to get straight with you?

Jesus: There’s nothing you can do.

Murphy (disappointed): Well, I’ll promise to go to synagogue every Saturday.

Jesus (looking quizzically): And I need that because…

Murphy: Come on, work with me, please!

Jesus: Murphy. I don’t want anything from you. You and me? We’re good.

Murphy: But what about my kid?

Jesus: You don’t have to ask me to care about you and your problems — I already do. I’ve been watchin’ Dirk. That said, I’m glad you think I can do something about it, ’cause I can and I will.

Murphy: So, what do I have to do?

Jesus: Nothing. I don’t want something from you, I want something for you.

Murphy: What’s that?

Jesus: Life. Full of grace and truth. Full of joy and peace. I want you to have it as a gift ’cause I care about you. And Dirk. In this world you’ll have troubles, but I’ve overcome the world and I’ll give you the same thing. All free. All grace.

Murphy: So, Dirk’ll be okay?

Jesus: Yes, I’m already on it, you’ll understand in time, but thanks for coming to me.

Murphy: How could I do otherwise? You’re my best friend.

Jesus: Yep. Just trust me, Murph.

Tr8: God doesn’t want to take something, he wants to give something. Remember, it’s not about what you should or shouldn’t do, it’s about how good a friend you want to be with Jesus.