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Posted: October 17, 2013 in Between the lines, Convergence, Truth and Grace
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coupleJesus is sitting with Andrew and Peter at their house. Their mother is clearing the table and their father comes in and gives her a peck on the cheek and begins to help her.

Jesus: That’s what it’s all about.

Andrew: The hokey-pokey?

Jesus (amused): Your mom and dad. Their relationship. That’s what glory is all about.

Peter: Glory? I thought glory was like worshiping or praising — you know, angels singing, “Glory to God in the highest.”

Jesus: Those are expressions of glory, sure, but I’m talking bout the essence of glory — it’s source.

Andrew: Mom and dad, the source of glory? I don’t get it.

Jesus: Your mom and dad clearly love each other. When they show it to us, that’s glory. They glorify each other with their love. Glory is love expressed.

Andrew: Ahh. You’re saying they’re glorifying each other — the outward expression of love between two people.

Peter: I know where you’re going with this — the way we give God glory is loving others. Makes sense. You could do it with a song, but you could also do it by helping or kissing someone.

Jesus: Here’s the really good part: God counts loving others as loving him, so EVERY time you are loving and gracious, you are glorifying him. I determine my actions on that principle. Remember what I told John — God is love. Marriage is the best example of glory here on earth.  Co-sacrificial, unconditional love, lived.

Peter: What about when you tore up the Temple courtyard?

Jesus: That was personal. It was a tough, loving cleanup I needed to do for the benefit of Jerusalem. A bride needed a bath. That kind of love and glory is very difficult to understand. Bottom line: Loving others is loving God. How else are you going to give God a hug or show him your love?

Andrew: Loving others is hugging God? Hmm haven’t thought of it that way. Glorification is hugging God by loving others.

Jesus: When you love one another as I have loved you, you not only glorify God, but me, yourself and your mom and dad. Your life is one big adventure in glorification. Because you are related to God through me, you show your love for God by doing as I have shown you. My way is THE WAY — the truth and the life — no one comes to the Father any other way. Just like you show love to your mom and dad by obeying and respecting them. It’s really very simple.

Andrew rises, picks up the last few things on the table and helps his mom and dad straighten up the kitchen. He gives them both hugs.

Jesus and Peter smile.

Tr8: Glorifying God is loving others with your life.

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