son of god

Posted: February 27, 2014 in Convergence, God and Time, Truth and Grace
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Son of god“Son of God” opens Friday, February 28. See it!

Jesus was not a small group leader with 12 followers…he was a rock star and came to Jerusalem as THE MESSIAH with a huge following. The populace rolled out the red carpet and screamed, “Hosanna!” Yet, he surrendered to the Jewish religious leaders and Romans without a word or a fight. They executed him.

To the amazement of Jerusalem, he returned and said, “I am the Son of God, whom you crucified. Repent and love one another!”

Then he proved he was THE MESSIAH by establishing his kingdom HERE, NOW, in our hearts–love one another”

Tr8: Believe in Jesus, love one another and live!

C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity, suggested Jesus was either a lunatic OR indeed, the Son of God.

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