things that ticked jesus off

Posted: April 1, 2014 in Between the lines, Morality, Sexuality, Truth and Grace
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surveyName: Jesus of Nazareth

Date: March 31, 3

Directions: Place an X after those who really annoy you.

1.  Samaritans, Philistines, Edomites, etc.

2.  Adulterers

3.  Thieves

4.  Liars

5. Tax Collectors

6. Roman centurions

7.  Prostitutes

8.  Mafia

9.  Arsonists

10. Murders

11.  Homosexuals

12. Merciless haters       X

13. Banjo players

14. Sinners

15. Old people

16. Bloggers

17. Beggars/unclean

18. Rude teenagers

19. Legalists    X

20. Circus clowns

Other:  Self-righteous, ungracious, judgmental, hypocritical, mean people annoy me the most.

Tr8:  Don’t annoy Jesus. Don’t be critical of others. Obey the truth God gives you. Love everyone.

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