P-shipJesus: So, how was spring break?

Peter: Great! I took the kids, Mom and the little woman to the beach at the Promontory of Zeus, near Haifa.

Jesus: Yeah, super beaches and great restaurants. Our family went there a few years back for Jimmy’s birthday.

Peter: Did you go to the Phoenician Museum?

Jesus: Yep. At the time, Jimmy was crazy about ships and Jude wanted to see a dolphin.

Peter: So, you went to Sea World?

Jesus: Yeah, but paying two denari to stand and look in a big tidal pool is a bit much. Thank goodness there was a 10 denari limit for families!

Peter: I had to pay 8.

Jesus: Did you like the Phoenician Museum? Did’ja see the round boat?

Peter: Amazing–they sailed those to the ends of the earth and back.

Jesus (smiling): Yep. Did you go to the Crab Shack?

Peter (surprised): Lord, no!!! I wouldn’t eat one of those sea spiders in my dreams! We went to the Purple Clam and sat in the kosher room. I had some terrific grilled tuna and Salome and the kids had the ‘catch of the day,’ fried mahimahi.

Jesus: Did you sea fish?

Peter: Of course, I saw fish.

Jesus: No, did you fish in the sea?

Peter (clumsily): Oh, yeah–I went out on a day boat with some Samaritans–they were a lot of fun for a bunch of sinners.

Jesus: Samaritans. What’d’ya think? Should they be kicked out for disagreeing over temple sites and stuff? Should they be allowed to worship in our synagogues?

Peter (thoughtfully): Really (rubbing his chin)…I think there should be as few barriers between God and humans as possible. If someone wants to know you, or the Father, who am I to put up hurdles? Like you say, if they love God and others as themselves, they’re headed the right direction. We, Jews, try to keep the Law of Moses in our hearts, but that’s a joke, really. Mercy and grace are our only chance at seeing God. As you say, “Truth on the inside; grace on the outside.”

Jesus (patting him on the back): That’s key, Peter. You have the key–you will fish for people someday. Remember this conversation. Pull’em into God’s boat. (Pointing at Peter) Upon this ‘rock’ I’ll build my church.

Peter: Wow. That’s a lot of metaphors.

Jesus (sheepishly): Yeah, that kinda got away from me…

Tr8: You have the key to open and close doors or pull people into the boat or whatever. Don’t mess it up.

Loosely based on Matthew 16.

  1. Wanda says:

    This gives me something about which to ponder! Certainly pondering on scripture is something that stretches the mind. Thank you!

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