disciplesIt’s Sunday morning–early–and the disciples have straggled back to Mary’s house where they met for the last supper with Jesus. Andrew, Judas and Thomas are missing. The sun is just beginning to peek out of the east. The women are gathering supplies together to properly clean and prepare Jesus’ body.

The door shuts softly as the women leave. Andrew walks in.

Andrew (putting a jug of water on the table): Judas hung himself.


Bartholomew: What was he thinking? We all knew he wanted a Jesus revolution, but really?!

Simon the Zealot (in mournful exasperation): Judas didn’t need to turn on Jesus…he just turned himself in!

Thaddeus (shaking his head): Yeah, crazy. Jesus had Jerusalem in the palm of his hand! They hailed him as Messiah when we entered town.

Matthew (thoughtfully): This makes no sense.

Simon: I really thought this was it. I thought everything was going to come together.

Nathaniel: It all DID come together. He raised Lazarus last week in front of God and everyone–including pharisees. He preached, taught, healed, cast out demons, walked on water, commanded a storm to stop–generally snappin’ out miracles right and left. Everybody in Judea heard of him–most of ’em were here to greet him as he entered Jerusalem.

Simon: This was going to be THE Passover of all Passovers since Egypt–I thought he was going to deliver us from Herod and Rome…maybe even without a fight…

Matthew: Hmm. Jesus said this was going to happen, remember? So, he KNEW this was coming. What were we thinking?!

Peter (walking to the window): Well, he’s dead now.

John: What are we going to do?


James: He said to wait, so let’s wait. I’m not sure what for, though.

Peter: I suppose it’s for our safety–he wanted us to stay safe until things settled down. We’ll head back to Capernaum next week. Our dads still have their boats and we can take care of our families.

Andrew: Where’s Thomas?

John: He said he was going to the Temple to see what’s next. Boy, he’s not afraid of his Jesus association.

Peter: He’s smart–and stubborn. He’ll be okay.

James: So, Peter, what do we do now? You, John and I were with Jesus almost 24-7, so now what?

Peter: I think Jesus would say, “Get everyone together and pray for leadership from the Father.”

John: I agree. We don’t know what to do, but Jesus wouldn’t leave without providing for us. He said as much himself.

James: I agree.

Andrew: One thing is for sure. Jesus isn’t done with something until he’s done with something and this DOES NOT feel done.

Peter: I agree. You know he said. “ask and it’ll be given.” I believe that. Let’s pray.

They all gather in a circle and Peter raises his hands and they begin to pray.

Peter: Father, we are confused. We don’t know why Jesus was crucified. Please help us understand your will and continue Jesus’ ministry in…

The door bursts open and Mary Magellan bounds through the doorway trying to catch her breath. The other women are close behind her with troubled looks.

Mary (weeping): They’ve take him away! We went and the stone was rolled away. Where have they taken him?

The disciples are confused, troubled and angry. Peter and John rise and head for the door–John breaks into a run and Peter follows.

Peter (over his shoulder): We’ll get to the bottom of this!

Tr8: When confused, ignorant or questioning, pray. We are never alone or without help in times of need. NO ONE was prepared for Jesus resurrection.




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