jesus frappuccino

Posted: September 3, 2014 in Between the lines
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frappuccinoJesus is sitting with some disciples, followers and Murphy (the non-disciple) at the Starbucks in Capernaum.

Jesus: Hey, guys, I want to show you something. Take your coffee, a bit of milk, sugar, add a spoon of cocoa, touch of cinnamon, some shaved ice, shake it, top with some whipped cream…voila! Mocha frappuccino! (Jesus passes the drink around.)

Phillip (sips): Whoa! This is great! A miracle!

James (sips): Interesting. Good, but I’ll stick with Italian roast.

Thomas (sips): Yeah, it’s good, but could WE make one of these?

Jesus: Mastering coffees like this takes patience, time and a personal commitment, but you could do it.

Joan (Starbucks barista, sips): Mmmm. Could I use your recipe?

Jesus (smiles): Consider it yours.

John (to Joan): Could you whip one up for me?

Murphy: Me, too. And add a bit of hazelnut.

Joan (getting busy): Coming right up–just a second, let me get the chariot in drive-thru.

A few minutes pass and the guys sip their drinks.

Peter: Seems a bit much for a “coffee.” Kinda whimpy–is it really coffee?

Jesus: Coffee is what it is–some like it straight and strong, some like it cold and smooth. It’s still coffee. If you get the coffee part straight, you can mess around with it. No one likes coffee snobs–a bit rude and clueless if you ask me. Why get upset with people for liking what you like?

Peter: I guess so. But what about all the non-coffee junk in it?

Jesus: What do you think?

Murphy: It’s not coffee when it doesn’t have coffee in it.

Peter: But won’t it get confusing when people go for coffee? Think of the menu Joan’ll have if you start adding this and that.

Jesus: I like the idea of everyone agreeing on the main thing, then personalizing it and sharing with others. Who says everyone has to be exactly the same? I like unity, not uniformity.

Joan (smiling): I love giving customers exactly what they want. I want them to enjoy it.

James: Makes sense to me–like relationships. You relate to everyone, but no two the same way. Jesus, YOU are SO personal and different to each of us, yet completely grace and truth. Thanks for that.

Jesus: My pleasure, James. I’m the coffee, you’re the flavors. Make it good for everyone. My joy is seeing how each of you make the coffee that much more interesting.

Peter: I still like it strong, black and hot.

Phillip: I like it flavored, creamy and cold.

Murphy: I like it with Bailey’s Irish Creme!

Jesus (smiling): I’m glad you don’t fight about coffee.

Tr8: Faiths and pilgrimages come in all flavors, just be sure the key ingredient is genuine Jesus – love, grace and truth blended into joy.

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