About tr8s

This is a lighthearted blog that is sometimes serious, but not too much. Think Monty Python Bible stories. Most of the content is intended to be mildly funny. At the end there’s a Tr8. The Tr8 is an attitude or disposition that will make the world a better place if we adopt it.

I lean into the lighter side of Christianity because we get enough of the drop dead serious stuff. The Spirit-led life is one of tension — grace and truth, funny and serious, dependent and independent, disciplined and carefree — life needs balance.

Things get serious enough. Read this: Lessons of the Fall. The Spirit reveals Truth. Truth (in me, at least) is often brutal — I’m messed up, but grace saves me. Because the truth is brutal. It makes people judgmental. And to them, I say, “Lighten up.”

I think a Spirit-led life of grace and love draws outsiders in. I hope my life draws outsiders into a growing relationship with God. They may see God in me because Jesus revealed the Father, and Jesus is in me.

I’d like outsiders inside. I’m not responsible for keeping insiders in, just drawing outsiders inward. I want to use Peter’s keys to keep doors open. I take heart in the fact I can’t love or care for others more than God does.

Tr8: Draw others into a growing relationship with Christ through your life.


The posts on this site are my own personal
opinions. They are not read or approved by North Point Ministries, Inc., before
posting and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of NPMI.

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