Murphy (the non-disciple)

murphy and harpreetMurphy is an Irishman living in Caesarea during Jesus’ ministry. Murphy is a Roman citizen (purchased) and his wife, Harpreet, is a divorced, battered woman from Cambay, India. They have a blended family–a couple of children from Harpreet’s previous marriage in India and a couple of their own. Murphy and Harpreet run a public house or inn (see Murphy’s Public House).

Murphy and his family are not Jews–he doesn’t know Moses or the Prophets–just Jesus’ grace.  Being “unclean” doesn’t stop Murphy from connecting with Jesus. We don’t know if Murphy could have qualified as an Apostle if he were Jewish, but Murphy adopted the heart of Christ anyway.

Murphy brings an outsider’s perspective to the Gospels and Jesus’ life.

Jesus loves Murph and his family.

murphys pub

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