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When I lie with you

A modern tragedy

I close my eyes when I’m with you

I imagine someone who is not you

I fantasize the whole night through

when I lie with you

I need you to play along with me

Imagine a love that will never be

It’s a grand charade, don’t you see?

when I lie with you

The tender kisses and longing touch

Lead to an act I love so much

The things I do to get what I want

when I lie with you

I can’t imagine a child with you

I can’t imagine what we would do

I don’t think beyond this room

when I lie with you

Love and sex are not the same

The second has made the first a game

It’s a modern tragedy I bring to you

when I lie with you


Tr8: Love is a promise to be true.

Too late? See: abortion abortion — free

marriage-equalityAndrew, Peter, James and John are at Starbuck’s for bagels and coffee while Jesus is at the synagogue in Capernaum with Nathaniel and Simon.

Andrew: So, what’s the deal with Jesus and gays? Isn’t he against them?

James: He’s gotta be, right?  It’s unnatural, biologically futile, socially awkward and scripturally forbidden — Leviticus 18:22 — they’re on the stoning list.

John: Really? We’re all on the stoning list. I’ve never heard him say anything directly against gays, but he’s said a lot about the Law. Remember the Sermon on the Mount?

Peter (shaking his head): Whoa! Jesus pretty much closed all the exits — don’t think of people as fools, don’t look at women, turn the other cheek, walk a second mile — he nailed everyone on the mountain. Yep, we’re all on the stoning list.

Andrew: Yeah, but he didn’t mention gays.

James (shaking his index finger): And he didn’t mention incest or bestiality. Do you think he gave them the ‘all clear’ by not mentioning them?

John (holding up his hand): Hang on. If I asked Jesus, ‘Is gay marriage okay?’ you know what he’d say, ‘What do you think?’ ‘What does the Scripture say?’ ‘How does the Golden Rule apply?’

James: True. He’d walk you through it and end up asking, “What does love require of you?”

Peter: Yeah, I think Jesus sees sin everywhere…in a redeeming way. It’s weird. I know he knows all my faults — all of them — and he treats me with love and respect. He encourages me to be good and clean up my act, but overall he loves me ‘as is.’

Andrew: I agree. With him, whether something is wrong or not isn’t the question. He changes us through relationship. He makes me want to be like him. I become more and more truthful with myself when I’m with him.

James: Are you saying Jesus doesn’t care about whether someone is gay or not?

John: He’s saying it doesn’t really matter because if you hang around Jesus you’ll eventually face the truth within yourself. I used to do stuff, but I quit because of him and I can’t exactly explain why, I just knew it was better.

Peter: We’re back to truth and grace. Again. Remember: The Spirit reveals truth, we reveal grace. Truth revelation to others is the Spirit’s business. Jesus says our business is to love one another.

John: That pharisee, Jacob-bar-Pinhead, said Jesus and I were lovers. Jesus just shook his head and smiled. I was ready to break a commandment right there. Yet, immediately I knew the truth and that Jesus expected me to let it go, so I did as he did. After all, we’re a bunch of guys hanging out together–who’s surprised we get this stuff?

Andrew: Yeah. It is what it is. The truth about truth is whether you can be that way with Jesus in the room. Jesus has never said anything about Judas’ smoking, but everyone, including Judas, knows where he stands.

Peter: Personally, I think two genders in one body runs contrary to God’s best plan for a human, but we run contrary to God’s best plan all the time. That’s pretty much why Jesus keeps reminding us he loves us anyway.

Andrew: Seems to me, if a covenant marriage is good for believers, why would we want to withhold it from unbelievers? Shouldn’t we want good things for those who don’t know Jesus or us?

James: Hmmm. We see marriage as being under the jurisdiction of religion, not the government – a religious ceremony with spiritual significance. However, the average person sees it as a civil ceremony with legal implications. Whatever, it’s not our call.

Peter: Well, I know Jesus and nothing’s changed–we’re to love others as he loves us.

Jesus walks in with Nathaniel and Simon.

Jesus (smiling): Live according to the truth, act according to grace.

Tr8: What Jesus said.

First published August 2, 2012.