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RiuniteMurphy (the non-disciple) plays croquet with James, John and their mom, Salome in Mary’s front yard in Jerusalem. Salome has just penalty hit John’s ball under the pigeon coop as Jesus watches.

Jesus: Hey, Murph, I need you to run down to Roma’s to pick up three big bottles of Lambrusco and some French bread.

Murphy (the non-disciple, dropping everything): Sure, but first, I wish you’d…

Jesus: Granted.

Murph: Wait! You didn’t even let me finish!

Jesus: Okay, finish.

Murph (sighing): I wish you’d forgive me for my sins–I’ve tried not to, but I’ve been lusting.

Jesus: You wish you weren’t that way?

Murph (dejected): Yeah…

Jesus: You’re forgiven, stop doing that.

Murph: I try, but it’s like the weather almost…morning, partly lazy with a 60% chance of lust before noon, then gluttony turning into murderous thoughts by afternoon, then scattered guilt and 100% full guilt by sunset.

Jesus: Follow me a bit closer.

Murph (stepping closer): Okay.

Jesus (eyes rolling): I mean in your head, spiritually–stay close.

Murph: Oh…  After your Mountain Sermon I’ve been thinking…about offending parts. I figure I need to cut my feet off, then my hands, cut out my tongue, poke out my eyes–I guess my ears are okay…

Jesus: Led Zeppelin?

Murph: Yeah, gouge out my ears, too.        I’m a mess. I’m really sorry.

Jesus: Murph, who am I?

Murph: Well, you’re the Messiah, God’s anointed, Son of God…God among us.

Jesus: So, I know it all Murph. What you’ve done. What you will do. Everything. And I forgive you. Stop worrying about it. Go get the wine and French bread. I’m going to do something special tonight. It’s going to be a crazy week.

Murph (doubtfully): I’ll go, but I bet I’ll sin on the way….

Jesus: Murph. Keep your mind on me and what I have you doing. I appreciate your concern, but you’re going overboard. I need you to work with me and be of some use. Just don’t get confesstipated like Judas, he’s rarely sorry.

Murph: Oh, nuts! I called him a fool and an idiot about his cigars. Murder…

Jesus: Forgiven.

Murph: I

Jesus: Forgiven.

Murph: We’re okay?

Jesus: Yeah, Murph. We’re okay. I forgive everybody of everything, if they’ll just believe I can.

Murph (hugs Jesus): Okay, three bottles of Lambrusco and French bread. Some pastries or pasta? Their cannelloni is amazing.

Jesus: Murph, you’re blessed ’cause I’m here with you. People in the future are going to have to trust me without seeing me. Blessed are they that mourn their condition–they shall be comforted.

Murph: This has been a weird week, with the donkey and palms and hosannas and stuff.And, this weekend’s execution of the rebels and Barabas gives me the willies.

Jesus (winking): Well, things are going to get bad, but I have a big surprise for you on Sunday.

Murph (excited): What?! Tell me!

Jesus: You’ll see everything–really you all will SEE I can’t not be alive. We’ll talk about it at dinner tonight.


Tr8: Confession is good for the heart, but don’t become useless confessing when you ought to be walking in faith.

Last supper coming.

Jesus and Murphy (the non-disciple) are stopped at the Eastern or Golden Gate of Jerusalem. They just walked up the hill and stand looking at the gate. Today this is called the “Mercy Gate.”

Jesus (pointing to a large rock nearby): Murph, take a load off. Let’s rest.

Murphy: Sounds good to me, I have a wine skin, here, want a sip?

Jesus: Sure (sips). What do you think of those Pharisees coming up the hill?

Murphy: Which one?

Jesus (smiling): All of ’em.

Murphy: Hmmm. Hard to say. I have two ways of lookin’ at things.

Jesus: Tell me about it.

Murphy: If you’re talking about one Pharisee, I’ll withhold my judgment and try to be as gracious as I can. If you’re talking about the whole pack of ’em. I’m down hard on Phariseeing.

Jesus: What’s the difference?

Murphy: I’ve watched you a bit and you’re hell on institutions and gracious with most individuals.

Jesus (nodding): Hmm. I guess I can see where you’d get that.

Murphy: Yeah, you always shoot straight with the truth, but you always end up inviting folks to follow you — to join up.

Jesus: Murph, I’m glad you made this trip. You catch a lot some of the others miss.

Murphy: I’ve seen clouds from both sides now.

Jesus (smiling again): …yet still somehow, you don’t see clouds at all….

Murphy: That’s probly true. I love plenty of people in groups I hate. I even like people I don’t like. The Chief of the New Faith Tabernacle, Molar Wisenart, is a piece of work, but he takes good care of his family and is a veteran. He has things to answer for, but I can’t say as I hate him.

Jesus: You always surprise me Murphy. I’m not crazy about what’s going on with the Temple, leaders and Judaism in general, but I do love the people. I sometimes wish I was a mother hen and could take Jerusalem under my wing.

Murphy: And what about the Jerusalem Masonic Lodge?

Jesus: Same deal. Did you know Peter was a member of the Lodge in Capernaum?

Murphy: Seriously? There’y’go.

Jesus: Wait until you see a church. It’ll make your head swim for all the inconsistencies.

Murphy: Yeah?

Jesus: Yep. So-called ‘Christians’ will do sooo many stupid things in my name.

Murphy: I wouldn’t join any group that’d have me for a member.

Tr8: Know the difference between institutions and people. Institutionally, stand with integrity. Personally, love with graciousness.