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jesus and murphJesus is watching the disciples fishing out in the Sea of Galilee. He and Murphy, the non-disciple, are sitting with their backs to the setting sun. Peter is waving a flag.
Jesus: Murph, get your flags out and semaphore them to the left about 30 yards.
Murphy (flapping flags): M. O. V. E. L.E.F.T. 3.0.
Peter (flapping flags): F.E.E.T.
Murphy (flapping): Y.A.R.D.
Murphy sits back down beside Jesus.
Jesus: My last Passover is coming up. Are you going to join us in Jerusalem? It’ll be something.
Murphy: What’d’ya mean?
Jesus: Judas is going to betray me, I’m going to be crucified, the guys are going to freak, then I’m going to come back from the dead. Murph, do you believe I can rise again after I’m dead?
Murphy: If you say so. Want me whack Judas? I’ll make plans for J-city.
Jesus: Don’t worry about Judas. Hope you’ll come–you’ll see the greatest event in all history.
Murphy: In all history? How will people living 500 years from now know about ‘lil ole us in Judea?
Jesus: This is going to be so big the whole world will start their calendars over based on my resurrection.
Murphy: Wow! But who’ll believe it?
Jesus: The world will know because you and the Apostles and the 70 will love as I have loved you. You’ll tell the world about me. Matthew, Peter, John and a guy named Luke, a doctor who will talk with a Pharisee named Paul will write books about me. They’ll call ’em Gospels.
Murphy: Seems to me you’ll need some outside witnesses…
Jesus: Got it covered. This will be one of the most recorded events in history. Rome keeps records like nobody else. Plus, Ignatius, Origin and Eusebius and tons of others will write reference materials. They’ll help attach dates to rulers, proconsuls, rebels, high priests and what-not. The witnesses will be legion and will grow with time. You’ll see.
Murphy: You can count on me to keep your story straight–I’ll tell everyone I know.
Jesus: Murphy, you know you aren’t a Disciple, right?
Murphy (looking down): Yeah, I know. I screw things up way too often. I’m not worthy.
Jesus: No, that’s not it. You’ve been baptized, you believe and you follow me. You are mine, 100%. All of the guys have sin issues similar to yours–nobody but me is perfect. No, your destiny is to know me well, receive my love and be a nobody. No one will ever know you were born–except a blogger, who’ll do little better than imagine you.
Murphy: So, I’m just a nobody? But I get to be with you?
Jesus: Yep.
Murphy: I can live with that. Look, Peter’s flapping…says, T.O.O. M.A.N.Y. F.I.S.H. How shall I respond?
Jesus: Tell him,”Let’s eat.”

Tr8: Being a nobody doesn’t keep you from being close to Jesus.