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Mary Magdalene and Mark are cleaning up the kitchen at his Mom’s house.

Mark: Which of the disciples do you think is the hottest?

Mary: Hmmmm. I guess Andy, but Bart’s got somethin goin on when his hair’s washed.

Mark: What about Jesus?

Mary: He’s not a ‘player.’

Mark: What’d’ya mean?

Mary:  He’s a Blues Brother…on a ‘mission from God.’ Any woman who falls for him will be disappointed. Take Peter. He was a good husband to Mary before she passed.  He still loves her after all these years.

Mark: What’s with the name ‘Mary?’ Nearly every woman with us except Salome is called ‘Mary.’

Mary: It’s ancient Aramaic sarcasm. Means ‘Oh, joy! It’s a girl!’ Haven’t you noticed this is a male-dominant culture?

Mark: Then what does ‘Salome’ mean?

Mary: ‘This is not a boy.’

Mark: ‘Suzanne?’

Mary: ‘Missed again.’

Mark: Hmmm. So, why would a guy want a girl?

Mary: To have kids, a slave, or to get a dowry.

Mark: What about sex?

Mary: What do you know about sex?

Mark: One of the Romans draws naked pictures. He says sex is fun.

Mary: Maybe if you are a Roman. Sex for fun will get you killed around here. I used to be treated like a piece of meat at the market. Promiscuous sex doesn’t reach wide acceptance until 1967 AD — ‘Summer of Love,‘ Woodstock and all. But, sexual liberation won’t be kind to anyone. Viewing sex as a ‘thing’ is a mistake. Sex should be the product of love in a relationship.

Mark: OK, if you don’t want killed, or a dowry, or a slave, and Romans are pigs, then why have a woman?

Mary: Considering it is minus 32 BC and women are little better than livestock, I’d go with a good Arabian horse.

Mark: Why do you hang around all these guys, then?

Mary: Because Jesus treats everyone with love and respect and leads these nimrods to do likewise. He knows what love is and isn’t afraid to demonsrtate compassion. Doesn’t make any difference whether you’re male, female, young or old. Plus, he’s confident but humble; a man’s man but godly — that’s not unattractive.

Mark: Yeah, I know what you mean. Jesus treats me like an adult and respects me as a friend and everything even though I’m just a kid.

Mary: Aww. You’re nearly a man. Follow Jesus, Mark. If you learn to treat others like he does, you’ll do fine. Mark, if you choose to marry, settle down, and have kids, love your wife like Jesus loves us.

Tr8: Respect. Treat others with love and respect regardless of their situation or circumstances.


The Sexual Revolution is over and we’re still looking for the winner. Religion aside, sexual liberation hasn’t played out as many hoped or expected. “Liberation” has resulted in more abandoned children, abortion, STDs, death and disease, divorce, mechanical intimacy, broken homes, seductive porn, abuse, unbridled lust, sex slavery, uncomfortable perversion at home, broken trust, emotional disillusionment, sexed-out youth and adults, marketed flesh, and need for counseling. Two genders living in one body continues to be problematic.

Hugh Hefner? Let’s see, raise your hand if you wish your life legacy was popularizing virtual sex slavery?

So, when it comes to sex, think: Might this hurt anyone (physically, spiritually, or emotionally) now, or in the future? And, would I wish this for my child?

The good news is that God loves a reboot. And we should, too. I like the term “reboot.” If you are not a tech person, a reboot (ctrl-alt-del or holding in the power button) reestablishes a good operating system — a new starting point for a future history.

No matter how badly one has messed up, God is ready to reboot. Instructions:

1) Giving up on the old, non-operating operating system (surrender, run up the white flag).

2) Shut down the old system (repent and restore/install operating system)

3) Restart (resolve to follow manufacturer’s recommendations — imitate Christ).

Tr8:Exclusive. You are meant for someone special and someone special is meant for you.