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luciferAdam and Eve are sitting under a tree in Eden.

Eve: What about Serpent?

Adam: What do you mean?

Eve: Well, for one thing, he talks. Says his name is Lucifer.

Adam: Yeah, I call him Lucky. I think he’s connected to a spirit or something. I’m pretty sure he knows God. I’ve seen ’em talking.

Eve: Yeah, me, too. And he’s tall and handsome and strong.

Adam: Yeah, at least 6’4′ and 200 pounds.

Eve: He’s easy on the eyes.

Adam: Sometimes when we walk with God in the garden? Lucky’s asked if we’ll go with him instead to the orchard. I laughed, but didn’t think it was funny.

Eve: Lucky seems different–sort of like God, but not as much. He’s approached me, too. He’s always talking to me by the river. He’s a charmer. I’m pretty sure he has a crush on me.

Adam: That’s cool. Glad Lucky likes you. What does he talk about?

Eve: He’s full of complements and asks me if I love him.

Adam: Really? He asked me the same thing today. Once again, I laughed–what a goof!

Eve: Totally. He asked me if I thought he looked like God…bizarro!

They sit quietly for a few minutes, then Adam sits up.

Adam: It’s almost 6:00. What’s for dinner?

Eve: I thought we’d have spaghetti, French bread and fruit cocktail for dessert.

Adam: Sounds good! I’m gonna go ask God if he wants to join us. He loves your spaghetti.

Eve: Perfect. I’m going to go pick some fruit.

Adam heads toward the river as Eve heads toward the orchard. While she’s on the path Lucky slides up beside her.

Lucky: Where you headed?

Eve (looking over her shoulder): To the orchard. Wanna come along?

Lucky: Sure! Where’s Adam?

Eve: He’s inviting God to dinner.

Lucky (enviously): No kidding? Wouldn’t you rather have supper with me?

Eve (laughing): Where do you get that stuff?! No, but you can join us. Bring some monkeys. They’re always fun, too.

Lucky: Hmm. You know, I’m like God. Come over here, I wanna show you something.

They walk up to a banana tree.

Lucky (touching a branch): Recognize this tree?

Eve: You crazy serpent! That’s the tree God said to leave alone.

Lucky (reaches up, snaps off a banana, peels it and eats it): Voilà!

Eve (startled): So?

Lucky (confidently): So?

Eve (snapping off a banana, peeling it and taking a bite): You know, Lucky, I don’t think we should be alone together. I’m starting to feel naked.

Tr8: Love God with all your heart. Don’t be alone with Lucky.

Eve has a casserole dish full of Hamburger Helper for her family. Adam is at one end of the table smoking a pipe and reading the Garden Gazette. Cain sits to his left and Able to his right. The teenaged boys are hungry.

Eve (thumping the casserole dish down): There! A home-cooked meal! I do and do and do for you boys and what help do I get? I’ve stomped three snakes in the kitchen alone this evening.

Cain: Will you cook ’em?

Able: Mmmm, yeah, sooo good, fried.

Adam: Says here in the Gazette that Cain planted three rows of corn yesterday.

Eve (shaking her head): No kidding? Who do you think wrote that? You? The boys? Angels?

Adam: Well, it’s a good article. Nice work, Eve.

Able: Dad, how come I know it’s wrong to not share?

Adam (shaking his head and diving into the paper): Ask your mother, Son. She started it.

Eve: God told me not to do something and I did it anyway. I should have trusted Him, but I listened to somebody else and made a bad decision. Agh! There’s another snake! (STOMP)

Cain: Oh, right, the thing about the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? You ate an apple and then there was sin?

Eve: Yes and no. I ate the apple, but I knew sin the second I decided to not follow God’s guidance. Up until then we just went along with God and everything was okay. Then I broke. I was the first to leave the herd. Adam followed me.

Able: So, Cain and I are apart from God because you and Dad broke away? We are natural renegades because you are?

Cain: Yep. We’re a renegade family. We do as we please.

Adam (admonishingly): Cain. Mom and I regret our disobedience. We still find ourselves self-serving, but we’ve known God a long time and we think we can trust Him to make things right.

Eve: That’s right. If He can’t fix it, it CAN’T be fixed. We’re at His mercy.

Adam: And He’s merciful. He even walked with me when I brought you lunch today. We’re trusting He’ll get us back to Eden and put the apple back on the tree.

Cain: Like that’s going to happen. You can’t put something back once it’s picked. This whole mess is God’s fault for putting the stupid tree in the Garden in the first place. We just have to do the best we can. (singing) ‘…gotta get back to the land and set our souls free. We are stardust, we are golden…’

Able (holds up his hand): Hang on a second, who sang that song?

Cain (pausing): Crosby, Stills and Nash. 1968.

Able: Right. Let’s keep it that way.

Cain (angry): Rrrr. I could kill you sometimes.

Adam (messing with a steak knife): Stop it. Both of you zip it. I’m trying to invent a screwdriver, here.

Eve: Fat chance. You have to invent a screw first.

Adam: We’re already screwed, I’m trying to unscrew things.

Jesus (appearing): Here, let me help.

Cain: God! You are ALWAYS poppin’ in unannounced. Wish you’d stop that.

Jesus: Cain, since you ask, I won’t pop in on you again.

And from then on, God left Cain alone.


Tr8: We’re born rebels. God’ll help. Trust Him. Careful! Don’t ask Him to leave, He might do it.