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Jesus is praying on the roof of Peter’s house in Capernaum. The rest of the disciples are downstairs playing Uno and hanging out.

Thomas: Hey, anybody know where the leftover spaghetti ended up?

Peter: Tupperware container in the frig, next to the Cheeze Wiz.

Thomas: Nope.

Peter: Maybe Jesus took it to the roof.

Thomas heads up to the roof.

Jesus (looking up): Hey, Thom-bo. Sorry about the spaghetti. There’s a little left.

Thomas: Nah, that’s okay. What’s up?

Jesus: Praying and talking with some friends.

Thomas: Talking with friends? How’s that work? Nobody’s here.

Jesus (grinning): I’ll show you. It’ll blow your mind, but we’ll give it a go.

Thomas: Okay.

Jesus: Here’s how it’ll work: I’m going to kind of pull open the curtain to the other side of the house.

Thomas (quizzically): The other side of the house?

Jesus: You are going to see what you can’t see but it’s still there.

Thomas: Okay, open the curtain, wherever it is.

Jesus (looking toward the left): Michael. Job. Come on out.

The archangel, Michael, and Job appear.

Thomas (amazed): Whoa!

Jesus (left arm extended): Thomas, meet the archangel Michael and Job of the Old Testament.

Thomas: Can I touch them?

Job walks over and shakes hands with Thomas. Michael reaches out to shake hands, but pulls his away just as Thomas reaches.

Jesus (smiling): Michael, quit horsing around.

Micheal grins, does a fist bump and explosion. Thomas is clueless. Michael throws his arm around Thomas’ shoulder and gives him a hug.

Michael: I know your guardian angel, Buzz. He’s on break while I’m here.

Thomas (eyebrow raised): Buzz?

Michael (nodding): Yep, first rate. First rate he is.

Jesus (clearing his throat): Uhm. Job was talking to me about suffering. He’s a rock of faithfulness.

Michael: One of these days I’m gonna kick Lucifer’s butt.

Jesus (holding up his hand): Chill, Mike. I’m going to take care of it. Job and I were discussing winning when losing.

Job: In Christ, we even win when we lose. You never know how much you love someone until you have truly suffered for them.

Jesus: Some insights only come through suffering. Job’s wisdom is tremendous because of his experiences.

Job: The Father redeems everything. Every time. Hey, Michael. Tee-time. You coming?

Michael (nodding to Jesus): Yeah, I’m coming. Noah said David can’t make it, but Caleb can.

They disappear. Thomas stands staring.

Jesus (rubbing his hands together): So, what do you think?

Thomas (turning to look at Jesus): What just happened?

Jesus: You’ve seen the unseen.

Thomas: What does it mean?

Jesus: Point of information. Nothing. Peter, James and John have seen behind the curtain, too.

Thomas: And?

Jesus: Peter wanted to build tents for Moses and Elijah. Knucklehead.

Thomas: Really?

Jesus: Yeah. Go figure. Tents!

Thomas: Hmm. Sounds like Peter. Hey, Moses, Elijah! Let’s go camping!

They sit silently.

Thomas: Will I end up behind the curtain, too?

Jesus (smiling sadly): Yes, but I’ll be with you. Would you like me to invite Michael and Job to meet you, too?

Thomas (thoughtfully): Yeah. I’d like that.

Jesus: Done.

Tr8: Faith in things unseen.

Jesus and half-a-dozen disciples are waiting for a bus south of Capernaum on Hwy 87. They get on a local heading into town. Jesus sits next to Thomas.

Jesus: So, what’d’ya think?

Thomas: About what?

Jesus: About what you’re thinking.

Thomas: Beats me. I can’t figure it out.

Jesus: Here: Things are out of control. Politically, domestically, economically, sexually, spiritually — in just about every way things are about as bad as they can get. The “People of God” have forgotten what God — the Father and me — are all about. This nation will fall to pieces in a few years and our people will scatter. The Romans will keep the buses running, but the Temple will be leveled. Jerusalem will cease to be a holy city. And finally, Rome will put a bullseye on everyone associated with me.

Thomas: So, you’re saying this is a bad time.

Jesus: No, I’m saying this is a good time.

Thomas: If things are so bad, how can they be so good?

Jesus: That’s the secret. When the world is at its worst, we’re at our best. Now is the best time for the world to hear the message of repentance, forgiveness and adoption. The time for me couldn’t be better. It’s time for me to take up my cross.

Thomas: Hmmm. It’s another paradox, right?

Jesus: Yep. The first shall be last. The leader will serve. To live we die and in death we live. When things are bad, they’re good.

Thomas: So, when the devil makes things messy, our ministry gets clearer?

Jesus (winks and gives a thumbs up): We’re living in terribly good times, Thomas.

Tr8: Light works best in the dark. When the world looks bad, it’s an especially good time for love, sharing the message of repentance, forgiveness and adoption.