what’d’ya think?

keyWhat’ll you do with Jesus?

Try this: Jesus was a real person who lived in Israel about 2000 years ago. TRUE  FALSE

Did you know the Hebrews were without a king when BC ran out and AD started? Herod the Great (an Edomite) ruled and built a “temple” in Jerusalem for political purposes. The Hebrews were glad to have Herod’s Temple, but the new temple reminded them they needed a Hebrew king of David’s lineage–a Messiah. The natives became restless and rebellious.

Then, Jesus shows up.

Historic records from Jesus’ time, from various sources, are valid and reliable enough to make a thinking person pause. Parallel records indicate Jesus, preached, healed, fed multitudes, walked on water, herded fish, cast out demons, raised the dead and generally electrified the whole eastern end of the Mediterranean. He arrived in Jerusalem for the first Easter as a regional phenomena–the citizens paved his path with palm leaves!

Here was a claimant to the Throne of David with a popular following.

From a Scriptural perspective it seemed like all the pieces were coming together for the Hebrews. Jesus fit the prophecies and said he was the Messiah–the Son of David. 🙂 But, he also claimed to be God–THE ONLY way to the Father. 😦

The Hebrews and Romans thought Jesus was crazy and a political threat. In spite of popular support, Jesus surrendered peacefully, offered no defense and was executed. Yet, he was seen by many after his burial, he told others to “love as I have loved you” and, purportedly, he ascended to heaven. Who can believe that?! Amazing!

So, who was Jesus?

a.  Mentally imbalanced healer.

b.  Mentally imbalanced prophet.

c.  Mentally imbalanced revolutionary.

d.  One-of-a-kind supernatural exception–God in human form.

This is the question of a lifetime if you want to personally know the Creator. Jesus’ disciples believe “d” and were on a mission to spread the Good News–we are forgiven! The Messiah’s Kingdom is here, now! They followed his truth within and were gracious without. They loved as he loved.

Can anyone really know God? He’s in Jesus–God is in Jesus. God is not and objective reality–an “it.” He is a person who reveals and we share that quality. We reveal ourselves to God.

The Key: God reveals Himself as you reveal yourself. We can’t “know” him, but He will reveal Himself to you. If you connect, you’ll be friends. God is looking for people who are looking Him.

Whatever else might be pushing you back–churches, pinheads, Bible-thumpers, rules, hypocrites, the Crusades, Inquisition, televangelists, family, past experiences, heartache, tragedy, loss of hope–whatever, put them aside and come to Jesus.

Tr8: Follow him.

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